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did you speak to any of the residents, sidney? not that it was necessary as you can see everything on their faces.


Love the way you got the eyes!


a heart warming series. i pity those who left them there.


I'm very touched by the great humanity that emerges from this awesome gallery of portraits...

Ashish Sidapara

Very nice portrait!

La Chouette

Tes portraits de personnes agés sont attendrissants


omigosh, she lost her teeth?


these portraits are wonderful Sidney, I have really enjoyed the whole series.


Very poignant series. You have quite a way of capturing human emotion.


tout s'affaisse même les désirs et les plaisirs . Ah vieillir!!!!

dodong flores

if there are ways I can only personally help for their fundraising campaign...
This home for the aged deserves to have more attention. I hope this blog can help in its exposure so more philanthropies would come and help.
Nice photography you got here, again...
... and as I said again sometime before, the B&W conversion is apt for the theme...


a sad image. nice one though!


Age is the constant reminder that we grow and things change from time to time.

Michael Rawluk

You have magic.

Otto K.

Poignant, Sidney.


Age : not easy to deal with.

Shazeen Samad

You are so lucky to shoot all these wonderful portraits,,, May be i should go and join .. hehe :)


You usually do great work with your documentaries and series , but this one is more than's quite a social intervention...maybe showing this kind of realities can help to make some changes...


androgynous si lola. hehehe


just one picture? :)


C'est bête à dire, mais la plupart de ces personnes âgées n'ont plus de dents ou presque. Que mangent-ils principalement ?
Du riz ?
Ces photos sont toujours aussi tendres et humains.
Salut Sidney.

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